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What is Craniologie, you might ask? We are a family-owned and operated business that hand selects the highest quality and most dependable products to enhance your outdoor recreation experience. Each employee (headucator) has vast knowledge of not only specific products, but the intricate details that will determine what products will best suite your needs.

Craniologie will maximize your skiing, snowboarding, biking or general outdoor experience by providing top of the line helmets, goggles, gloves and unique, but practical accessories to enable you remain comfortable and safe for the extent of your adventures. We also focus on accessories for your head, neck & face (plus heated socks and a few other things that make you happy in the elements!) Whether you visit us in one of our Colorado mountain stores, we help you online or over the phone, our goal is to help you have the best day possible when participating in your favorite outdoor activities!  Our headucators are here to answer questions and educate you on the best gear in the industry.

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Are you unsure of the appropriate size or features you are looking for in a helmet? That’s why we are here! There are a few steps that we go through, in-store or online, to assist with the process.

Use the sizing chart towards the bottom of the page to get an idea on what size and brand might work best for you!


  1. We will measure your head with a fabric tape measure that has centimeters as a measurement.
      • You want to measure over four spots: the center of your forehead, above each ear and to the base of your skull
      1. Once a size is figured out, be sure to try on a few different brands and models. Each helmet will fit a little different and we are looking for the most comfortable option for you.
      2. The fun part: select the color of your choice! We offer a variety of colors in every helmet we carry. You know the old saying, “Look good, ski good!”


      We can always arrange a personalized fitting from a headucator for the perfect fit & have all of your questions answered via the chat link at the bottom right of each page on the site.

      Have a unique request or need specialized assistance? Email chrism@craniologie.com to get in touch.

      Click here for the helmet assessment (there might be a discount included upon completion!!)

        1. If you have access to a fabric tape measure, use that to determine your size in centimeters.
          • You want to measure over four spots: 2 inches above your eyebrows, just above each ear and to the base of your skull
          • An alternative solution would be to see what size of fitted hat or ballcap you wear. Typically, they are measured in inches, but that can easily be converted to centimeters. For example, 7 1/8 inches comes out to 57 centimeters.
        2. It isn’t always feasible to try on helmets when purchasing them online, which is why we provide free returns and exchanges. We can also provide you with multiple helmet options with the features you are looking for with a refundable deposit upon return of the helmet(s) that you do not wish to purchase.