Hestra Tactility Heat Liner

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A perfect liner for cold conditions made of Polyester and Elastan with laminated heating wires inside backhand, fingers and thumb that provides warmth. Comes with a rechargeable battery with smartphone application available. Due to its suppleness it can be used as an extra liner inside most other base- or shell gloves. System by Inuheat.

Thin warming glove 
with touch function...

A smart liner glove with integrated heating elements, perfect if your hands are always freezing even when wearing proper winter gloves. This liner is thin and flexible and fits under most lined gloves. Sewn in stretchy polyester jersey with a laminated Inuheat heating system on backhand, fingers and thumb. The heat is adjusted in three steps via an app. The included battery clicks firmly into a holder on the outside of the wrist and links wirelessly to the heating system. Touchscreen-compatible coating on the index finger lets you use a smartphone and other touchscreens without taking the liner off. HEATING TIME: Low: 6+ hours, Medium: 3.5 hours, High: 2 hours. REMEMBER: The electronic components in the glove may interfere with avalanche equipment/transceivers. ** IMPORTANT** The liner must be worn inside a outer glove to avoid damage to the electronic components.